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Architecture of the Soul:
Theory and Practice of Chakra Therapy

7-Module DIGITAL ONLINE telecourse

Join Anodea for a new 7-module DIGITAL ONLINE telecourse featuring her signature Chakra Therapy.

Suitable for therapists, yoga teachers, body workers, and those on their own healing journey

The Chakra System describes the architecture of the human soul.

Blue-arrowWhat is Chakra Therapy? FREE INTRO CALL: Recording is now ready!

We want you to feel more alive and you can’t do that if your chakras are blocked. Anodea will explain what might be causing you these blocks that are holding you back from living wholly. Join Anodea as she leads you through an Introduction to Chakra Therapy.

chakrasystem_chakra_therapy_goldAs a profound formula for wholeness, the Chakra System contains an elegant system for diagnosis and treatment of emotional, physical, behavioral, and cognitive issues. It spans the full spectrum of human possibility: from our bodily existence to our emotions and behavior, relationships and expression, intuition and divine realization. Just as a yoga teacher studies the anatomy of the body, if you want to truly understand yourself or another, you need to understand how this ancient architecture describes the true yoke of yoga.

In this first time 7-module DIGITAL ONLINE telecourse on Chakra Therapy, you will spend one module exploring and integrating each chakra. You will learn exercises and meditations for your own practice and gain the following skills:

  • Learn how to find and address blockages in your energy system that govern seven essential areas in your life.
  • Learn how the essential “charge” or prana in the body is impeded by childhood wounds and developmental trauma.
  • Learn how to enhance your life force by clearing blockages and freeing both liberating and manifesting current.
  • Learn how to pinpoint the developmental phases of each chakra.
  • Learn what happens when essential skills are not developed in childhood, and how this effects your chakras and your life.
  • Learn how to diagnose imbalances in the chakras through avoidant and compensating defense patterns.
  • Learn how to read the body for assessment of chakra imbalances
  • Learn tools and skills for addressing imbalances in your body and your life.


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What to expect:

  • Each module’s 90-minute class explores one chakra in depth, as well as offering an opening meditation.
  • A comprehensive course manual that include handouts on the material, that include practices and information valuable to your understanding.
  • 8 modules of powerful classes: (downloadable) which include the What is Chakra Therapy? FREE intro call.

Exciting Bonuses!

  • Video of Chakra Exercises – Contains an exercise on each of the 7 chakras by Anodea Judith.
  • Video of Dr. Michael Wayne interviewing Dr. Anodea Judith – Quantum Revolution.
  • 7 Steps to Manifesting your True Purpose: In this easy to follow visual presentation, Anodea Judith, co-author of Creating on Purpose, will take you through the seven steps of purposeful manifestation, beginning at the crown chakra with connection to spirit, and taking it down chakra by chakra into full manifestation on the earth plane. Obstacles are an inevitable part of the manifestation process: the difference between those who get stopped by them and those who are successful manifestors is having the right tools to deal with the blocks. This free call will outline the entire manifestation process from conception to completion. It’s time to create heaven on earth!
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Mp3 recording of “A Guide to Understanding your Character Structure and Moving from Pattern to Presence”. 90-minute call by Steven Kessler.
  • Free copy of Clear Your Beliefs by Lion Goodman.
  • Free digital copy of the Illuminated Chakras DVD by Anodea.


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What Students are saying
about Anodea Judith…

“I have taken several workshops with Anodea over the years (Creation is Ecstasy, Journey through the Chakras, and multiple Chakra Yoga moduleends), and each of them were utterly transformational, both personally and professionally. Of all of the workshops I have attended over the years from a variety of healers, teachers and shamans, Anodea’s were by far the most impactful. I can’t wait to go again!!
– Theresa Rose

“I have never felt like someone who could get things done. Thanks to Anodea I now have made some crucial distinctions and gained great insights in my resistance to ground myself, and on how to manifest my dreams and goals. I still have a way to go, but I know that I now have the best manifestation tools available. Pushing divine energy down, down, down!!! Thanks Anodea, you rock!!”
– Wim

“Anodea is one of the great, compassionate teachers! Her knowledge of the Chakras is unparalleled. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to take classes and courses with her and look forward to more in the future.”
– Jeffrey S.

“Wanted you to know that your course served as a huge launching pad for some really powerful changes in my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teachings and holding the space for all of us.”
– David W.

“This course helped me better align my physical and spiritual selves. I am better able to make clear choices for action according to my vision. I also feel clearer about steps I have been missing in the manifestation process. Excellent course! Thank you, Anodea!”
– Course Participant

“I have been studying the chakras for many years, but Anodea’s approach, way of explaining each chakra, meditations, exercises, handouts and sense of humor made this experience the best one I’ve ever had. If you want to manifest your dreams, don’t hesitate to take this course!”
– Mariela, Houston, TX

“This course was no less than amazing. And so is Anodea Judith. She taught me that much more is possible in this lifetime – more love, more money, more time, more fulfillment in work – despite what your mind tells you. Invaluable course.”
– Melissa W

“For those avid seekers of self-awareness & personal healing, Anodea Judith’s chakra work is unsurpassed!”
– Le’ema

“Anodea’s workshop on the psychology of the chakras was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. She took us on a wild journey across the rainbow bridge of the chakras, down to the depths of our souls, and up to the furthest reaches of our consciousness. The workshop was both informative and enlightening.”
– Katie T.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: All calls / videos have been recorded and are now available for download / viewing to listen at your convienence.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please email us at, and we’ll be happy to help!


Anodea teaches this workshop in New York and sells out every time with at least 20 waitlisted! We are bringing this to your home for those who can’t travel.


Course was $497, now only $297!
Payment Plans Available